The Sudoku 3000 XXL mega thick puzzle book

The Sudoku 3000 XXL mega thick puzzle book:

Tricky puzzles for beginners, seniors & experienced solvers from Japanese Puzzle Master

Michio Nakamoto

ISBN-13: 979-8526405874

What makes this book different:

  • with easy-to-understand instructions and tips for beginners
  • smaller boxes than in the large print edition (approx. 6mm / 0.23 inch)
  • 12 puzzles on one A4 page instead of 6 in the large print edition
  • large gutter so that the puzzles are not covered by the binding despite the thickness of the book
  • all solutions included, but printed a little smaller at the end of the book to prevent you from cheating (cheaper XXL books often leave them out completely)
  • 10 levels of difficulty, increasing slowly with 300 puzzles each (≙ very easy to very difficult)

The perfect gift for all Sudoku fans. Beginners and experienced puzzlers will have fun with this book for a very long time. And don't worry: in this book, all puzzles can be solved without guessing. These Sudokus come from a professional. As Michio Nakamoto always says: You have to rack your brains.

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